A dream come true!

A  Dream Come True:


“It has been a long time in the making”. After struggling with back problems, leg injuries that cause her immense pain, and searching for the horse that she could ride and enjoy without pain and fear, Bea had finally decided she wanted to commit herself to ride the ultimate horse, the smoothest ride on the world, the “American Paso Fino horse”. Not only was she to ride these horses, but she has so thankful for been able to enjoy riding again that she would create a facility in which others could enjoy their “Paso Finos” all year round, were individuals with disabilities and painful back and leg issues could learn to ride, enjoy and keep their beloved “Paso Fino” horses.

Bea had struggled with back problems and has gone through several procedures that caused her to stop riding other breeds of horses. The pain was so much that she could not ride. Bea noticed that after riding on her Paso Finos she actually felt relief from her pain. When she brought up the issue to her physician she was concerned he would prohibit the riding. To her surprise, the doctor knew about the Paso Fino’s smooth ride and allowed her to continue riding. After checking Bea during several appointments the physician came  to  the conclusion that riding Paso Finos was actually helping Bea’s back by loosening the crystal deposits that would normally caused her back and leg pain. This was a prescription she could live with and since then Bea has been telling everyone she meets about her beloved Paso Fino horses.

Bea built Laota Spring farm on 23 acres of land in Sinking Springs Pennsylvania that used to belong to her grandfather.  Laota Spring Farm is a paradise in the middle of Pennsylvania. A new barn was built to add a 100 x 80 indoor arena to the 100 x 90 outdoor arena with lights that connects to the farm trails. The indoor arena has a spectator’s stand and it connects directly to the barn stalls, washroom, and tack room.  What a great place to train and enjoy your horse! Bea plans on hosting regional training clinics, an open house for the facility, and offer riding lessons for both adults and children alike.

Bea’s philosophy about horses is simple but comprehensive, “communication is the key to performance”. “by allowing the horse to understand what you want from him and using your seat and your body for subtle pointers you can get the horse to move in the direction you want and at the speed you choose. It sounds a lot like the statement of famous Paso Fino trainer Larry Whitesell, “you prepare the horse to make a move, and then you make the move”. This is a humanitarian view of horses and riding. You teach your horses to be the best they can be and treat then right.

Bea has invested in some of the best bloodlines in the world today in order to start her breeding program. Laota Spring bloodlines include: Vitral, Capuchino, Aprendiz de Colores, Springtime Radiante, Mandato de la Luisa, and Patrimonio.

At Laota Spring Farm we want to make your horse dream come true. We have the people, the facilities, and the bloodlines to make it happen. Come visit us and meet our people and our horses! You will want to stay, I promise.

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